Our clients are Job #1, here's what they have to say....
“Thank you so much for your vision and patience.”
M. & T. 2009 homeowners
“We can’t thank you enough! It was such a pleasure having you and the rest of the guys in our home. We are very happy with the bathrooms and will certainly refer you to family and friends when the opportunity presents itself.”
D.W. 2007 homeowner
“Thank you for being willing to take on additional tasks on the project. As the job progressed and we saw the quality of your work we knew it would save us time and energy. Many thanks for making this all happen.”
P.H. 2007 homeowner
“Dear Dennis, thank you for my new bathroom! It’s really pretty. I never knew it could look old, but then it’s new. New pretty, not like my last one. You are the BEST workman I know in the world!
C.B. 2007 age 8 ½
“… you have proven to be straight forward and trustworthy. Thank you for the quick pay, call upon me anytime.”
H.B. 2006 subcontractor
“Dennis handled all the situations for us and we were really pleased with his professionalism and ability to pass on our desires to the subcontractors.”
Bob 1998 homeowner
… “through all the days you’ve been here at my home, I have never heard you say the words can’t, won’t or don’t want to. You have been so professional. You don’t hesitate to do any task, no matter how large or small and you have been exceptional at overseeing all the work going on here. You are answered prayer. Thank you for everything.”
J. W. 1996 homeowner 

“Dennis, thanks again, we’re very pleased with everything and will be calling you again I’m sure.”
B.F. 1993 homeowner
“Thanks to your excellent repair work on our 26 year old home we were able to sell it after just three days on the market. We are grateful to you for the quality of your work, the professional way you approached the job and your on-schedule, on-budget performance. I will be happy to recommend you to any prospective customers.”
P.R. 1995 homeowner

“Thanks for responding so quickly and for staying on the job until it was finished!”
C.H 1988 homeowner
“You have really helped our family! Thank you for your excellent work. We really appreciate your help.”
M.M. 1985 homeowner
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